There’s something about you that i adore the most. The way you make me feel so lost and so calm, not wanting to find my way out of this…

And where would i go anyway? There’s no other place i’d like to be if there’s no you

You make me want to know what every little piece of stardust is made of

You make me want to know your soul, to get lost among your constelations and galaxies.

I wish i could hold you close enough to feel all of your fears and know all of your dreams, i wanna dream with you, i want to feel your skin pressed against my skin, my lips against yours in the most innocent way

And i am sure that

Every flower on this planet


Every sun in the entire univers

Is jealous on your existence.

You make their beauty fade, lose its colors, there’s no other thing as beautiful as you

And i’m trying to write it all down, i want my words to be as alive as the sea in your eyes

But i can’t get the words out the way i want to

There’s no kind of art that could explain the beauty you hold even on your fingertips

You are more than art

And there are no galaxies in your eyes

No stars on your skin

No univers on your tongue

You are the univers itself.

You are beauty, you are pleasure

You are the sadness and the joy, you are the tears and the long nights conversations

You are the sleep I can’t get

You are your worst enemy

And the human whose existence i adore the most

You are the reason why i fear going to sleep too early

You are lonliness and cleverness

You are all the words i’m afraid to say and the pair of lips i wanna get lost kissing at 5 a.m.

You are the dirt on your own hands, that you’re trying so desperately to get rid of.

You are the only thing that can’t see its beauty

And how it leaves me speechless

With tears in my eyes

You are mistery and despair.

You are



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